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2021 Leagues, Other Events and Rules

Men's League

Let us know by 1 May if you wish to participate. You do not need to be a member to participate. As last year, we’ll pick the captains for the men’s league teams based on their handicaps and will pick their teammates by lot. Cost is $25 for the season (and a $10 greens fee each match if not a Cobbossee member). Substitutes are needed and appreciated. They don’t pay the $25 cost. The season will start mid-May and end around Labor Day. Match play will take place on Tuesday afternoons. We should have two team scrambles during the season, with refreshments provided by the Course.

View of the woods off of hole 2

Ladies League

The Ladies run their own league and play on Wednesdays, starting around 4pm. You do not need to be a member to join. There probably will be a meeting at the clubhouse in early May a week before the start of the league. Give us a call after we open if you are interested in joining the league. Greens fee for ladies league participants who are not Cobbossee members is $10.

Couple's League

We are holding Thursday afternoons open, circa 4pm start, for any couples who want to participate in couples’ league. We choose a weekly game and you play it against other couples. The best gofers don’t always win our games. Cost $2 per couple.

Generation's Tournament

This tournament, may take place on a Saturday morning in June. It will be a two generation, same family tournament, based on a Ryder Cup format. The teams must have two members of the same family but from different generations; e.g. father-son, grandmother-grand-daughter, uncle-niece, etc. Ryder Cup format will have 6 holes scramble, 6 holes best ball and 6 holes alternate shot. At least one of each team must be a member. We’ll have more information in May. Refreshments and prizes will be provided. Cost will be $20 per person for members, carts extra. This should be fun. Have not had this in the last couple of years, but will try to hold it this year.

Looking up from the bridge near the fountain

Friday Evening Scramble

We’ll begin these when enough people show up. We start on Fridays, at 5pm, so show up around 4:30 to pay and find out what team you are on. In 2020, because of COVID, we would choose teams by Friday morning from sign up lists. We’ll start 2021 in the same mode and see what transpires as the season progresses. Cost is $5, plus $10 green fee if not a member. A very popular event. We had several Friday scrambles in 2020 where fourteen teams participated.

Par Three Tournament

This will take place probably on a Saturday in June. All holes will be reconfigured to Par Three lengths, with white tee markers (first nine) and blue tees (second nine). Cost for members will be $10, carts extra. Limited to the first 40 golfers who sign up. Refreshments and prizes will be provided.

Member-Guest Tournament

This probably will take place on a Saturday morning in June/July. This year it will be a two person Ryder Cup format, as explained in the above Generations tournament, with lots of food and prizes. Let’s try to keep it to real members and guests. A Cobbossee employee is designated as a member, even though a few of them might not be able to pass the qualification requirements to be a member. Cost is $20 each, carts extra.

Member-Member Tournament

We’ll aim to have this tournament in July or August. Full Ryder Cup format with blind draw, so that A and C players are teamed up and B players and women/very old men are teamed together. Ten dollar entry fee would take care of lunch and prizes.

President's Cup  

This requires Club membership (includes employees) AND a GHIN handicap. It will be a match play format and will start around 1 Aug. Probably will have two divisions for the men, low and high handicappers. One division for the ladies. Cost is $5.

Club Championships

Members only (including employees). No handicaps are used. Low Gross wins. Different divisions for Men and Ladies, Open, Seniors, Super Seniors (and Juniors, if need be). Ladies play 18 holes on 7 August. Men play a total of 36 holes on 14 and 15 August. Cost is $5.

Night Golf Tournaments

We’ll have at least one at the end of July and maybe one at the end of August, if sufficient interest is shown. We’ll provide the equipment and refreshments. You provide the foursome. Scramble format. $25 per person, No driving carts.

Cobbossee Colony Golf Course Clubhouse view from the front

Steve's 40th Annual Charity Tournament

Scheduled for Saturday, 18 September. Morning (7am) and afternoon (noon) sessions. Cost is $60, cart included Sponsor a hole for $60. Anyone can play in it. Four person scramble format. Prizes for gross and net, usually to three places, raffle, door prizes, closest to pins, 50/50, putting contest, good pot luck food all day long. All funds collected go to local charities. Last year, despite a reduced tournament, we donated $8500 among Camp Sunshine, two local food pantries, PALS, KVHS and a Wildlife ReHab Center

Fuel Assistance Tournament

Scheduled for Saturday, 9 October, hopefully before snow flies. All greens fees and sponsor funding go to the towns of Monmouth and Litchfield and are designated to help citizens in need to heat their homes during the winter. All funding from Monmouth golfers and businesses go to Monmouth and those from Litchfield to Litchfield. Four person scramble format. Greens Fee is $25 per person. Cart fee is member price. Hole sponsorship is $60.

Apple Valley, Meadows Challenge

First 16 members to sign up for EACH event will represent Cobbossee. GHIN, or league handicaps should be used. Exact Sunday dates will be established in April. The course team with the lowest combined net score, from all meets, will retain a trophy. We won two of the three tournaments in 2020 and the trophy spent the winter 20/21 in the clubhouse where it was admired daily by the resident mice.

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