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2024 Cobbossee Colony Golf Course News

Dear Golfers,

Welcome to the 2024 Cobbossee Colony golf season.

Although the pandemic appears to be over, we will maintain the tee times requirement that was imposed on us four seasons ago. It has worked out relatively well. Just call us at 268-4182 to request a tee time. We can schedule them up to a week out.

Cobbossee Colony Golf Course clubhouse

After years of maintaining our membership pricing at $475 for a single and $650 for a couple, our finance committee has voted to increase those prices to $500 and $700 respectively for this season. If you are at least 75 and had a membership in 2023, your 2024 membership is grandfathered at the 2023 price. Student memberships for high school and full time college students will now cost $300.

Another pricing change is that the cost of shared driving carts for non-members will be $16 and $22 per cart, (not per person), for 9 and 18 holes respectively. If there is just one non member golfer in the cart, the price remains $10 and $15, respectively, as last year.

The third pricing change will affect range ball prices for non members. Small buckets will cost $4 and large ones $9. Finally, until we find something else that needs to be increased, the price of packaged tees will now be $.75. If you are at least 75 years old and bought tees last year for $.60, you should have taken better care of them, as they will cost you $.75 this year.

Check our pricing page for all other prices.

Spring Flowers at Cobbossee Colony Golf Course

We again offer inflation-beating greens fee pricing from the time we open through the 15th of June. For that period greens fees will be offered at $10 for 9 holes and $15 for 18 holes. AND, if you are a veteran, active military, an educator, student, first responder (medical, police, fireperson, etc), or were considered a front line worker during the pandemic era, you’ll pay only $5 per every nine holes. After 15 June, our greens fees will revert to $14 for 9 holes and $22 for 18 holes. Same as last year.

We do want to emphasize our cumulative membership, which allows you to pay off your membership as you play from opening day to 1 July. You just pay the daily fee as you golf during that period. We keep track of what you pay, if you remind us that you are “in the book”, and on or about 1 July we will tell you what you have paid to date towards the membership. If you want to pay the balance at that time, you'll be a member. If you believe that it is not worth it to you to pay the difference, then you can just continue to pay the daily fee as you play the rest of the season. Some of the benefits of being a member are that rental carts and driving range balls are less expensive.

We do have five play cards for both 9 and 18 holes which are a bit less expensive than the normal daily fee. And we have similar cards for the driving range (small and large baskets) which give you six baskets for the price of five. These cards make nice gifts.

We again intend to have agreements with several other courses so that you can take your membership card to those courses and play 9 or 18 holes for a reduced greens fee amount We had such agreements with five courses last year.

Our after 5pm rate will continue to be $10 greens fee for all one can walk until dark, every day.

Winners of the 2023 President's Cup were Nancy Tinkham and Paul Tanguay. The 2023 Club Champions were, Judy McAuslin (open) , Katye Vachon (senior), Ted Dennis (open), Hartley Nicholas (senior), Lefty McAuslin (super senior). Congratulations to all of them.

There were three holes in one at Cobbossee in 2023. They were registered by Bonnie Caspersen, Sheldon Roy and Harold Hinkley. There could have been more, but the season was so wet (more than double the rainfall we normally get) that the ground never was dry enough to give the ball a good roll.

The 2023 Men’s League winning team was comprised of Ed Zuis, John Smith, Glenn Dakin and Dave Brackett. We again owe a special thanks to Michelle Tanguay who again ran the schedule, scoring and handicap system. Michelle’s husband Paul and his team took home the Horse’s Rear End trophy signifying the last place team. As Paul has often won this award, we decided to honor him by fittingly naming this trophy after him.

Buddy Rollins still has the modern day (since 1998) Cobbossee Colony course record of 29 for nine holes, as well as 60 for 18 holes.

Our listings of leagues, tournaments and other events follow. Have a good golf season. Work on improving your game, maintain your sense of humor and continue to be kind to others.